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When I first met Linda, I was completely lost in my life; I left my full-time job to run my own business but was lacking confidence and I was questioning a lot my social life/friends. Linda guided me, through exercises and talks. I am now running my business more confidently (as Linda says “we are always a work in progress”) and I surrounded myself with people that are supportive and positive. Some decisions were hard but Linda helped me to see the good in each situation. Thank you! 


Ammandine T

What Do You Need Help With?


Wellness encompasses health, fitness, food and drink, habits, beauty, appearance, hair, makeup, clothes, mental health, self-esteem, personal care, nutrition …. 


Work covers everything from working from home, the right career for you, starting your own business, relationships with colleagues, what to wear to work …. 


Environment covers interior design, renovation, remodelling, making the most of your workspace, creating a home,  making the most of your garden, looking after your car ….

Personal Growth

Personal Growth includes ways to have fun, expand learning, spirituality, adventure, mindfulness, travel, personal development, hobbies ….


Relationships incorporates friends, work colleagues, neighbours, children, parents, siblings,  romance, partners, divorce, bereavement, ex-partners! ….


Money covers personal survival budgets, ways to save money, tips on spending less, the latte factor, money management, creating money, planning ….

Linda is a sincere, intuitive, and professional Life Coach. She fully listens and asks insightful questions allowing you to discover your wants, dreams, and visions.  She introduces new perspectives and may challenge you to create possibilities you may not have otherwise uncovered.  She honours you as the expert of your own life, fully supports your decisions, and works with you to design a plan that suits you. Whether you’re ready to make changes in your life or simply want to explore your options, I highly recommend you work with Linda to move forward toward your vision. 


Linda C

You never expected this to happen

Suddenly you’re over 50 and living on your own.

You look in the mirror and hardly recognise the woman staring back at you.

  • You are so tired
  • Lines seem to have appeared overnight … where did the time go?
  • Even your eyebrows are sprouting white hairs!
  • You are worried about your future
  • Fun seems to have disappeared
  • You don’t know how you are going to get through

And, as if you didn’t have enough to cope with there’s the threat of Covid and the impact of lockdown….


This isn’t the life you envisaged for yourself

You thought at this stage of your life you would …

  • Own your own home outright
  • Be sharing it with a loving partner
  • Be financially secure
  • Have a wide circle of friends
  • Enjoy lots of interests
  • Be able to afford to travel where you wanted to, when you wanted to
  • Look effortlessly stylish
  • Be at the top of your game career-wise

Maybe your life hasn’t turned out as you expected it to but you can still be the shining star you have always wanted to be.

It’s not too late

On the pages of this website you will find blogs and vlogs on

  • How to organise your finances and get the most out of your money
  • Wellness
  • Work
  • Environment
  • Personal growth
  • Relationships

New content is added regularly.

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There is a brighter future ahead of you and it starts right here right now

You want fast progress

If you want to move forward more quickly or have a specific problem you want to tackle then one-to-one coaching from the comfort of your own home is probably for you.

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